About ADO

ADO is a multi-utility token. Our main purpose at Ado.Network is to increase crypto adoption and deliver better DeFi products.
Ado.Network will become a network of businesses that have utility in the real world and bring revenue. A part of this revenue will be shared with ADO holders through BNB Rewards.
To be able to deliver our vision, we needed a custom token with unique functions and unique tokenomics, a token that can increase its price floor every time.
Upcoming projects are Ado Travel Portal, NFT Collection with upgradable travel discounts, NFT Marketplace, Ado Wallet with IOS and Android App, Ado Gambling, and Ado Investments.
Ado.Network already has a working Blockchain, a DEX, a Block Explorer and a Custom Swap on Testnet. Mainnet will be launched at a later date.
People that want to test projects with plenty of BNB or BUSD are welcome to contact the team and use our Testnet before launching on Binance Smart Chain.

State Of The Art Mechanism

$100 is enough to become an investor

ADO Token has a 10% tax on each buy, sale, or transfer of tokens. This tax was used to create a unique mechanism that allows ADO to thrive even in the most adversary conditions.
In general, in crypto, people that buy the top have the most to lose. With ADO, we can turn that around. Combining lower volatility with travel and gambling products we can make a great step towards increasing adoption.

While you might see the tax as an impediment, we see it as the biggest asset to move forward. You, as an investor, just need to hold to get the most benefit from ADO. Few tax tokens are listed on a tier 1 exchange, so if such a deal is made, the tax can be removed if there is no milestone. At that moment, ADO.Network will bring in more revenue to holders from businesses than it does through tax. When the tax is removed, all the tokens remaining in different smart contracts are sent to the burn address.

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Why ADO is unique

  • unique tokenomics and tax features
  • novel feature on Binance Smart Chain for paying affiliates (referrals) through the Custom Swap on Ado.Network with an upgradable commission based on transactions
  • novel feature in V2 contract that can switch 99% of liquidity from BNB to BUSD and back without downtime, protecting everyone from a future market downturn
  • Layer 1 EVM Blockchain, Dex, Block Explorer ready on Testnet
  • Custom Swap Mode that supports affiliate commission and always works with the Main Liquidity Pool
  • earn staking rewards in BNB without locking your tokens compounded to your wallet every 24h
  • complete dashboard to track relevant metrics from the blockchain that updates itself in real-time
  • a holders loyalty reward that is triggered by milestones
  • a loyalty reward for affiliates that is triggered when the prize pool reaches a certain level
  • my profile page where you can track your earnings from staking and affiliate commission
  • an affiliate leaderboard for people to see where they rank against the competition
  • possibility to reload the affiliate contract from external sources (revenue from businesses)

Requirements for holders loyalty: $100 in ADO hours before reaching the milestone. 1 wallet = 1 ticket.
Requirements for affiliates loyalty: Minimum level = Bronze; First 5 transactions = 1 ticket; Each transaction after reaching bronze = 1 ticket
10% tax is taken in ADO. Distribution to tax branches: Buy-Back, BNB Rewards, Holders Loyalty, Affiliate Loyalty is made in BNB.

Important Notice: Ado V1 holders were airdropped V2 tokens at a 1:1 ratio. V2 has started with the exact liquidity and distribution from V1. Ado Liquidity is in Pancake Swap. To protect yourself from losing money, please consult our dashboard before your purchase/sell ADO and check if the Main Liquidity Pool is in BNB or BUSD. Always make transactions on the Main Liquidity Pool. To avoid any problems you can use the Custom Swap on Ado.Network, it's designed to always interact with the Main Liquidity Pool.

Remember, we're targeting non-crypto people too. Even though our TestNet is ready, it's time to build more value on Binance Smart Chain and to increase adoption for both BNB and ADO. We do have in mind how we want to build our blockchain, but now it's not the time to discuss that. Before that, we have to grow together into a great community.